Event Information


On Tuesday 27th February.

Fill in envelope and please ensure you select the right package and enclose the correct amount if payment is made by cash (as no change will be given) and seal the envelope.

Envelopes must be returned to the class teacher by Friday 23rd February.

We have sibling photo envelopes in the school office. If you would like to arrange a sibling photo taken for your children on the day, please collect an envelope from the school office and return it by Friday 23rd February.


Year 4 students are going on an excursion to Hyde Park Barracks on Friday 16th of March 2018. The students will be attending sessions where they will be shown and taught about the life of a convict. This excursion is a learning experience for their History topic “First Contacts” that they are continuing to study this term.

WHEN: Friday 16th of March 2018
WHERE:  Hyde Park Barracks
HOW:  By bus
TIME:  Leaving school at 8:30am sharp and returning at approximately 3:30pm.
UNIFORM: Students are permitted to wear their winter sports uniform, including their hat.

WHAT TO BRING: Recess, lunch and a bottle of water in a small back pack (preferably their excursion bag), please ensure all items are labelled with your child’s name. There will be no opportunities for students to buy food, so please do not send any money with your child on the day.


WHEN: Wednesday 7th of March

WHERE: Prairiewood Leisure Centre

CLOTHING: School Sport Uniform or a shirt the colour of their house group and hat. Swimming attire must also be worn under uniform, no bikinis for girls.

WHAT TO BRING: A towel, healthy snacks and lunch as well as water for the day. The leisure centre canteen will only be open for part of the day.

COST: Covered in school fees.

In case of wet weather a normal school day will run and the carnival will be held at a later date.

Parents are welcome to attend as spectators, however a pool fee will be charged by Prairiewood Leisure Centre upon entry.

Consent form must be completed by Friday 2nd of March.

Please complete eform below, you are consenting to your child attending the swimming carnival and to the travel arrangements to and from the venue.