Our Mission

VISION: Lighting the Way – Preserving our Faith, Culture and Heritage
Our schools are dedicated to educational excellence, encouraging students to reach their potential in a nurturing environment so as to become productive Australian citizens, reflecting the Christian faith of the Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian language and culture


With Christ as our model, our purpose is to:

  • Provide, within an Assyrian Christian framework in partnership with parents and the wider community,

quality education with a focus on learning based on 21 century sound pedagogy and the use of technology;

  • Promote and commit to positive relationships, the Assyrian Christian Church, the Assyrian culture, pastoral care and justice to all;
  • Provide a welcoming and secure environment that nurtures, stimulates and challenges individuals to attain their full potential;
  • Recognise talents, abilities and uniqueness of each individual and provide policies, programs and structures that cater for and respect their differences;

At SHAPS values and beliefs make us who we are, empowering us with positive attitudes, inspiring our achievement, reflecting our commitments and representing our school culture.
At SHAPS we believe in

  • Reflecting Christ in everything we do each day – witness the Gospel
    • praying together
    • teachers and students witnessing and practising their faith
    • teaching and modelling the Assyrian Christian Faith
  • The values of  care, compassion, doing your best, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, respect, responsibility, social justice, inclusion, hope, harmony, opportunity, personal growth, and empathy
  • Assisting parents and parish in the faith formation of the students
    • parents and children are encouraged to practise their faith
  • welcome and encourage parishioners to visit the school
  • Quality Learning and Teaching and are committed to
  • meeting the needs of the whole person and facilitating the achievement of person  best
  • providing a flexible and relevant curriculum centred on the use of technology
  • empowering students to become valuable members of society
  • professional development of all staff
  • A supportive and collaborative learning environment that
  • embraces diversity
  • fosters confident and resilient learners
  • is holistic, harmonious and encourages success
  • provides support structures for all, students and staff alike
  • is based on clear, decisive leadership at all levels
  • encourages positive communication
  • encourages team work – students and staff
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop and succeed by
  • providing adequate resources
  • offering varied curriculum – sport, creative arts, academic and Religious studies
  • recognising and acknowledging children’s achievements
  • providing special needs programs – G&T, enrichment, remedial
  • providing sound teaching practise which includes differentiation to ensure that all students learn and succeed
  • Providing opportunities for parental and community involvement by
  • inviting  parents to be supportive of a positive school culture
  • welcoming  parents and parishioners in being part of the school
  • providing them with opportunities so as to assist their children
  • involving them in the development of  school plans