Our School Patron

Mar Rabban Hurmizd was born at Beth Laphat, that is to say Shiraz, in the country of Huzayee, either in the latter half of the sixth or in the first half of the seventh century of our era; his father was called Joseph and his mother Thecla, and both parents were wealthy Christians and were famed for their almsgiving. At the age of twelve he was sent to school, at eighteen he could repeat by heart the Psalms and the New Testament and at twenty he set out on a journey to the desert of Scete, where he wished to become a monk.
On the road he met three monks of the Monastery of Bar-β€˜Idta, who urged him to become an inmate of their monastery, and he did so; a few months after his entrance there he received the tonsure and thus finally adopted the profession of monk. He lived a hard, stern life of abstinence and self denial, and his ascetic virtues were so great that he performed many great miracles.

Among the many miracles that Mar Rabban Hurmizd performed during his life, he is perhaps most renowned for raising many people from the dead. He restored to life a young man who was vexed by a devil, raised to life a shepherd who ate poisoned food and died, and a young man who had died on the way from Beth Kopa. He also raised to life a harlot of Bezkin that she might declare her murderers. He cast out demons, turned water into olive oil, cured blindness, and even walked on water.

Such were his powers of faith that a demon even cried out before Mar Rabban Hurmizd in the presence of his disciples. Throughout his entire life he battled against the idol worship and witchcraft that was rampant in his time. He was a strong opponent of all types of heresy and fought until his death against all that is evil.

A great saint and hero of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Rabban Hurmizd was, and remains a great light for all believers. We pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that He send His servant and saint to protect this school that is named in honour of his faith