Student Welfare

The School’s Welfare Policy lays out the standard of behaviour expected of students, parents and teachers. The policy also aims to support parents in their role of raising their children with traditional Christian values.

The policy recognises the importance of:

  • Fostering the Christian values of justice, love and respect
  • Developing a warm teacher-pupil relationship
  • Encouraging co-operation between home and school
  • Stressing positive behaviour in individuals as part of the development in the total up-bringing of the child
    Promoting self-esteem
  • Showing sensitivity to each child’s stage of development
  • Encouraging children to behave responsibly
  • Developing self-discipline in the child
  • Displaying sensitivity to the home environment
  • Developing socially acceptable behaviour by promoting common courtesy and a respect for the feelings of others
  • Developing an awareness and consideration for our school community

The main aim of the School Welfare Policy is to instil in our students the following values and attitudes:

  • Respect the truth
  • Respect other people
  • Respect yourself
  • Learn all you can
  • Look after the school and the environment
  • Earn your school a good name
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Apply the qualities of Christian compassion, forgiveness and understanding